3 Amazing Menswear Sales

For those unaware, Chums are currently running an amazing Summer clearance sale that offers up to 50% OFF products across ALL of their ranges – that includes menswear, ladieswear, homeware and lifestyle products. Amazing!

After spending a couple of hours browsing through their sale I realised that it’s not your usual sale that’s limited to products that don’t sell very well.

Chums have slashed the prices for some fantastic and well known brands!

Slashed Menswear Prices

The Chums sale is very attractive to me because I LOVE a bargain and can’t avoid that fact, much to my husband’s displeasure, but it is what it is and I enjoy it.

Although the entire sale is amazing and I’d love to purchase all of the fabulous products that are stocked at the Chums store, it really is the Menswear section that lured me in as I love my clothes and, with Summer approaching, I’m in need of a new wardrobe.

Here are 3 great Menswear Sales:

Classic Check Shirt

This stunning check shirt is available in 3 colours – blue, oatmeal and lovat and can be purchased from just £15 which offers a massive saving of up to £13.

This is definitely a great buy and offers a unique, bright and Summery look for the beach or even just a long walk in the countryside. It’s not too thick and hugs the body nicely offered a very comfortable fitting shirt at an amazing saving of £13.

Straw Trilby

Now from £12, this classic straw trilby offers the ultimate Summer comfort for the head and even offers some protection from the Sunshine to those who are sensitive to the UV rays, especially around the head and face. My grandad actually owns one of these and it’s perfect protection from the sun, as an addition to sunblock of course.

You can grab the straw trilby in two different sizes and one colour.

Finally, how about a packet of two bowties to really add a touch of class to your Summer look? It’s a look you can’t go wrong with – everybody loves a bowtie!

A packet of two bowties from Chums cost just £5 offering a huge saving of £5 which on such a low priced product anyway is obviously a huge saving.

My Bedroom Just Got Better

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently searching for some great pieces of furniture that could brighten up my home and, in particular, pieces that could make my bedroom look better presented, more high end and I guess I just wanted a lot more quality around the place. It’s about time considering I’ve been living here so long now!

I spent a lot of time at the usual places on the high street and at shopping parks but also thought that this time I may as well give online shopping a try and see what I could yield. I quickly discovered a great online furniture company who specialise in pine pieces – they’re called Hillcresths, you’ve probably heard of them and bought from them if you’ve shopped for furniture online. I found them in Google during a search.

Anyway – these guys are great. Their ranges of furniture are just beautiful and their photos tell of the extreme quality seen in all of their pieces. Their pine sideboards are excellent and offered in two different finishes – white and natural stain.

Au Natural

It’s safe for you to assume that I did go ahead and purchase a pine sideboard from Hillcresths as I could pass by their affordable prices with such quality.

Of course I didn’t know if the quality was actually as good as it looked until I ordered a pine sideboard from them myself. It swiftly arrived with me and was as good as I’d hoped which was very pleasing. I went for the natural stain look, of course.

I only ordered the one sideboard from them but it looks so good next to by bed that I’m genuinely considering a move to a bigger room in my house so that I can have one on each side of my bed. Unfortunately I don’t have the space in the current room that I am in which is probably a good thing because I’m becoming slightly obsessed.

Get on Hillcresths

You can find Hillcresths at hillcresths.co.uk and check out all of their beautiful furniture ranges for yourself. Trust me when I say you’ll want everything!

If you do make a purchase of your own please do get in touch with me and let me know what you thought or, alternatively, you can leave a public comment using the form fields below and I’ll happily publish it on this post for others to read.


3 Great E-Cigarette Starter Kits

In the world of vaping, electronic cigarettes come in the form of many shapes, sizes, colours and with many features. It’s almost impossible to make a decision of which to buy without any prior experience in the industry – it’s hard work, really.

A great e-cigarette starter kit is one which offers good value for money whilst also being of a very high quality offering an unrivalled taste quality. Cheap isn’t an option!

E-Cig Starter Kits

You can’t afford to look at e-cigarettes as a cost that needs to be kept down. This is your health we’re talking about – low quality products come with all sorts of risks like exploding, poor taste quality and other things I’d rather not have to think about.

Always read reviews before making a purchase and, if possible, air on the side of caution if something seems a little cheap. There’s ALWAYS a reason for it.

Here are 3 great e-cigarette starter kits to choose from:

EVOD Starter Kit

The EVOD starter kit by KangerTech is a leader among leaders.

It’s one of the best-selling options for any vaper regardless of level – novices and experts alike – this is a great e-cigarette for either group and level. It’s a fantastic piece of kit and will usually come with 2 batteries and 2 spare coils at least.

You can expect to pay around the £40 mark for this product which is a very fair price given the quality and longevity of the kit. KangerTech make great products.

eGo CE5 Starter Kit

The eGo CE5 can be purchased in two different kits – a single or double starter kit. The only different being the number of batteries you receive with the e-cig.

A single starter kit comes with one battery whereas the double starter kit would arrive with two batteries, saving you time and money and meaning less charging time at the wall as you will always have a backup battery to carry with you.

You can expect to pay around the £15 region for a single kit and about £25 for a double kit, obviously there’s a small saving there for you and it’s definitely worth the extra money for the other battery if you fully intend on quitting smoking and giving vaping your full effort. A lot of sites offer a free bottle of e-liquid with this, too.

Innokin iTaste 134 Mini

Oh, the Bugatti of electronic cigarettes. You’ve found it.

The Innokin iTaste 134 Mini is a smaller version of its bigger brother, the Innokin iTaste 134 Mod and is renowned for its cutting edge design and technology. With variable voltage and wattage settings it’s a big favourite amongst the longer-term vapers.

Its quality, stylish design and taste simply can’t be rivalled – it is the most fashionable e-cigarette on the market and will cost you a pretty penny from most sites.

You can pick one up for around £90. It’s worth every penny, though.

The itaste 134 mini is a one-of-kind e-cigarette that can’t be underestimated. I’ve seen people using it (don’t own it myself) and it’s extremely stylish and looks much better than any of the other e-cigarettes listed above. Keep up with the Jones’s with the iTaste 134 mini.

Hope that helps! Go grab your first e-cigarette today.

SEO – Is it Really that Hard?

SEO, which is short for Search Engine Optimisation, is a popular marketing method which drives traffic and revenue through Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing among many others. It’s a very misunderstood marketing channel.

Years ago SEO was simple – you simply threw up a website, wrote some crap content and then pointed a ton of SPAMMY links at it which would drive it to the top of Google’s search results with ease, which would earn you a lot of money and allow you to rinse and repeat as many times as you could be bothered. But those days have been and gone, which would have drove many to tears.

But is SEO today as hard as many people make out?

SEO – Hard or Not?

It’s a hard question to answer, really, because there are so many variables, but it simply depends on knowledge. Everything is easy when you know how, right?

Today, a practitioner of SEO is more than an SEO – today he is a marketer. An SEO in 2015 needs a broader knowledge of all things digital marketing, that includes everything that goes into an effective SEO campaign as well as things that indirectly compliment an SEO campaign. It’s a very knowledgeable role now.

I once spoke to an seo agency who agreed with what I thought to be the current landscape within the world in and around SEO and what it means to practice and implement SEO campaigns today. They thought the perfect SEO practitioner was somebody who could do it all – content writing, link building, technical changes, keyword research, competitor analysis and other things.

The general consensus is that SEO is, generally, as hard as you make it.

Analytics Improves SEO

Apologies for the misleading title, but analytics products really can help SEO an a very in-direct yet effective way. Doesn’t make sense, but does work.

Products like Lead Forensics, Ruler Analytics, WOW Analytics and similar tools can expose the way in which visitors are using your website which can ultimately help you to reduce spend and decide where more time should be spent on marketing efforts like Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click.

In terms of SEO, these kinds of analytics products can show you which pages your visitors are landing on as well as which pages they take through your website following that hit. This helps to combat [not provided] by Google.

Using this landing page data, an SEO can look at keywords being targeted as well as their performance and decide what action to take – if there’s a low ranking yet half-decent landing page hits then more work should be put forth, but also if there’s a good ranking yet very little landing page hits from it then it’s most definitely a waste of your time as an SEO. Pretty simple really, right?

Experience is Key

Although anyone can pick up and implement a simple SEO campaign, it’s really only those with many years of experience who will enough knowledge from trial and error who can really implement an effective campaign that can earn big revenue.

If you want to become a world-renowned SEO or simply a quite yet effective search dominating machine, it’s important that you learn to live and breathe SEO day in and out and try out different scenarios constantly. There’s nothing wrong with failing – it will help you to learn what works and what doesn’t, and that’s what a good SEO understands. Clients will appreciate it, too.